Miyerkules, Pebrero 2, 2011

human is susceptible of mistakes, and so am i.

i signed up for a tumblr account. thrilled. but when this catcha box popped up out of nowhere to verify something, i get infuriated. and so im eagerly put all the characters on what i have read and based on what i have seen. problem arise! SHING! tiktak tiktak tiktak i cant move on... di ko maintindihan yong ibang punyetang characters na yan. tapos magtatanong pa kung if IM A HUMAN. Dont they know that human is susceptible of mistakes? my goodness! okey pa sana kung nilagay nila... IM BLIND atleast understandable sa side ko.

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Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, ayon kay ...

may mga site talaga na ganyan refresh mo na lang pude naman magchange yun eh :D

YanaH ayon kay ...

ure not human lolo!

ure an alien daw kase! nadedetect nila kung human o hindi..



rainbow box ayon kay ...

hindi ko alam kung anung iko-comment ko kase tawa ako ng tawa. babalik nalang ako! =))

Bhing ayon kay ...


reading your post evaporated my boredom.:)

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

empi ayon kay ...

hahahaha.. nawala antok ko.

outcomes sinceda

ewan ko kung tama basa ko. :D

atticus ayon kay ...

haha! ang puso.

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

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