Martes, Disyembre 28, 2010

umeenglis ampotah?

sometimes the loneliest place ever be is your heart. such a hole of pain, grudge and hatred. lonely and yet succumbed. existing but undefined. whole but fragile.

the only way of escaping these emotions is to let go. learn to let go. learn to survive on your own. but letting go does not mean you're giving up. the universal abbreviation of it is to put on your head that there are things that do not meant to be. things that do not go on their way. acceptance matters most despite the chaotic stages of your life. thats a fact. real real fact.

be a better person despite all these challenges. you wont be any better if you are not so. smile.

5 komento:

zyra ayon kay ...

sakit ng ulo ko, english. hehehe

Yanah ayon kay ...

internal hemorrhage here.. tae mali pa yata sfell..

may pinagdadaanan? pinagdaanan? o dadaanan?


empi ayon kay ...

*eyes bleed*


Lio Loco ayon kay ...

hahaha. imi-english nga talaga.

gusto ko 'yung huling banat mo ser. kaya nga tinawag na 'better' person, hindi 'good,' hindi 'best.'

merikrismasenahapinuyir na lang ser. mukang andami mong pinasyalang lugar ah. relaxed na relaxed! \m/

Athena ayon kay ...

dumugo ilong ko dun ah. haiyyssst..
tagal na rin hndi ako nkapag comment dito.. but I'm back!!!!